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iMapTracker Storm Chasers Track Today’s Potentially Historic Tornado-Producing Storms in Kansas, Oklahoma

by Daphne Thompson, on May 10, 2010 9:31:00 AM

WGN-TV Chief Meteorologist Tom Skilling and the WGN Weather Center staff are providing daily coverage of extreme weather in Kansas and Oklahoma using Weather Decision Technologies’ iMapTracker storm chasing technology to track and display real-time video of tornadoes on a Google Map. (

WGNTV is calling today’s potentially historic tornado producing storms in Kansas “Atmospheric Armageddon” as Tom Skilling goes out into the field in search of the action.

Tornado producing storms are bearing down on Kansas and Oklahoma with watches and warnings in effect over the next 24 hours.

Tom Skilling, and fellow meteorologists Mike Phelps and Terry Swails from WQAD are joining many other intrepid iMapTracker network storm chasers in Kansas and Oklahoma, which is ripe for violent weather today and the possibility of multiple tornadoes. Tornadoes are scheduled for later this afternoon becoming most active from 5 to 7 pm Central time, when the conditions may prove to be the most volatile.

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