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Offering Broadcasters Whole New Way to Zoom in on Local Weather

by Daphne Thompson, on Jan 27, 2009 1:53:49 PM

Weather Decision Technologies and Inergize Digital Media Offer Broadcasters a Whole New Way to Zoom in on Local Weather

Norman, OK, January 27, 2009--Weather Decision Technologies, Inc. (WDT), and Inergize Digital Media, today announced a partnership to bring advanced interactive weather services to the U.S. local and regional broadcasting industry. The agreement provides for Inergize Digital Media to distribute WDT's industry-leading Google Maps-based iMapWeatherTM flash module to wholly-owned and affiliate TV stations in metropolitan areas across the United States. Over 65 participating websites have added this technology to date, including Newport Television, Gray Television and New Vision, with more groups to follow.

iMapWeather offers web portals, major destination sites and affinity sites the most comprehensive array of global forecasts and nowcasts available today, in a user friendly flash module which can be easily embedded into any website. Media companies can now upgrade their weather display to add powerful "stickiness" to their online offering. iMapWeather provides amazing weather detail on Google Maps or Virtual Earth--right down to the street level--anywhere in the U.S. or worldwide. iMapWeather includes:

Powerful GeoPlexTM Technology for global weather data on Google Earth/Virtual Earth.
A "Click Anywhere" function on interactive maps to view current conditions and forecasting.
Easy zoom-in and out, right down to street level to view WDT Radar Mosaics and forecasts for precise locations.
Full customization of the iMap flash module to match company brands and the desired user experience.
This month, WDT and Inergize went "live" with interactive weather application appearing in prime position on station weather pages across the United States. The flash module not only attracts visitors seeking dynamic weather information but leads to increased time-on-site, a critical factor in web page advertising performance and analytics.

"iMapWeather offers media and web companies a full suite of weather applications with state-of-the-science radar, precipitation, temperature, nowcasts and forecasts, as well as ship and buoy data, and nationwide watches and warnings," said Mike Eilts, President and CEO of WDT. "Inergize Digital Media brings a new and innovative way to help bring iMapWeather to market, with dynamic, revenue-generating advertising services attached," said Eilts.

"This collaboration offers media partners a unique branded look and feel, powered by iMapWeather," said Jason Gould, General Manager of Inergize Digital Media. "For potential new clients, this model provides an opportunity for media properties to add a vibrant content area along with a new revenue stream, using both video and static ad positions," he said.

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Inergize Digital Media operates more than 85 media websites in 48 markets. Additionally the division manages multiple revenue generating platforms for over 200 media entities. A division of Newport Television, the unit provides media properties with systems, technology, sales and marketing strategies to compete in a digital world. The multi-platform digital management system provides stations with an integrated solution to distribute content and serve their local communities and advertisers.

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