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CNN Airs New "Hurricane Impact Zone" Powered by WDT

by Daphne Thompson, on Jul 23, 2008 2:33:45 PM

"We've got this great new product," meteorologist Jacqui Jeras told CNN viewers today as the network premiered Weather Decision Technologies (WDT)'s new threat assessment "Hurricane Impact Zone" visuals for coverage of Dolly.

For the first time, viewers could see in a dynamic visual presentation just where the greatest economic loss could be expected in Dolly's impact zone on the Texas coast.

WDT created the visuals within 90 minutes of the National Hurricane Center's latest track, using a custom process to translate an advanced numerical model into compelling graphics delivered by Internet to CNN, where producers quickly displayed the color-coded estimates in a live Google Earth flight.

Potential economic loss is one of more than 20 street-level assessments WDT provides--including utility disruption, business interruption and structural damage--more micro-local detail than has ever been available for TV or the Web.

For more information on WDT's unique Hurricane Threat Assessment, contact Mike Gauthier at 405-618-2239.

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